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Attention All Dealers!!!

If you are an auto dealership interested in partnering with and have excellent qualifications then you can reach us directly at

New DealersAre currently active in Sub-Prime finance? How much are you paying per sale? Do you wish you had a constant supply of customers looking to BUY? Are you getting the results you are looking for from your Business Development Center?
As a lead generation site connects borrowers with dealer’s that can facilitate the finance and purchase process for them. We are talking real time BUYERS with less than perfect credit looking for immediate results. Our job is to deliver you online customers actively seeking to buy and buy now. We only provide quality leads and our lead return process is simple. We do not expect you to pay for leads with invalid income, no longer in the market, bad contact information, no driver’s license etc. Please contact us for a full listing of our return policy. We want you to sell cars.
Recently a dealer activated in June 2010 sold as many leads as they did “lot visit’s.” Referrals came in third. The mainstream sites (you know who we are talking about) had the least amount of return on investment and fewest actual deliveries. LocalCarCredit provide proven real time results. Fact is most auto buyer’s start their shopping process on the computer. Why not make sure they land in the right dealership? is committed to introducing quality customers looking for an Automobile and Financing Right Now! to quality dealerships.
Like any other team we are always looking for ways to improve and are open to any suggestions or comments you may have. We look forward to a long lasting relationship as your lead generation partner. Contact us today and start increasing delivered units and profit.